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My blogs published elsewhere

28 Oct

Two of my blogposts were recently featured on Huffington Post, Chicago Council’s Global Food for Thought Blog and Gates Cambridge Scholars blog. Here are the links:

The Chicago Council Global Food for Thought Blog

Huffpost Students United Kingdom

Gates Cambridge

Happy reading folks, would love to receive comments. And lookout for my blog on meeting Iowa farmers and on World Food Prize. Coming soon..


My publications on Google Scholar

11 Oct

I often get requests for sharing my published papers and journal articles. Thanks to a colleague at IWMI, I recently discovered this awesome service offered by Google Scholar where they list your publications and citations. Here is the link that shows all my published work so far. Many of these papers can be downloaded free of cost, but some journal articles may have restricted access. In case, you need a journal article and can’t download it, please write to me and I will be happy to share author’s copy with you.