Nehru Memorial Musuem and Library Public Lecture Series 2013

14 Jan

Nehru Memorial Museum and Library organizes several public lecture series in a given year. This year, they have  public lectures on the theme ‘Science, Society and Nature’. As a part of this series, I have been invited to deliver a talk titled “An evergreen revolution in eastern India: Are we on the right track?” It is scheduled on 18th of September, 2013 from 3.00 pm onwards. Full schedule of lectures in this series is available here. Other speakers include Prof. Madhav Gadgil, Prof. E. Somanathan and Prof. Jayanta Bandopadhyay — people whose work I have read and admired immensely. So yes, I am pretty excited, even though September is several months away. Perhaps it is time to say ‘Come September‘ and watch that hilarious romantic comedy all over again?


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