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My favourite water meeting is back!

9 Nov

Finally, another Annual IWMI-Tata Partners’ Meet after a lull of almost 5 years. I have no hesitation in declaring it my favorite water meeting ever. Of course, I have a deep personal attachment with the IWMI-Tata Program having been associated with it since its inception in 2001. And I owe my career to this amazing program which hired a bunch of fresh graduates and turned them into honed researchers in all but less than 10 years. My personal biases apart, I truly think this is a great meeting because, not being hung on methods, dogmas and theories, ITP’s APM presents all that has been happening in the real world of water, food and agriculture in India. For instance, what are farmers doing to cope with water scarcity? Are our governments responding with appropriate policies ? What can one state learn from the other? What about the private sector players, are they coming up with products that meets farmers requirements in a fast changing world? That almost everyone who is involved in India’s water sector attends this, makes it a truly special event. I for one, am very proud and privileged to be a part of the 2012 event.